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    Cannot browse server following installation of hotfix 4 to Cold Fusion 9.0.1

    Steve Le P



      I've been tasked with updating a ColdFusion 9.0.1 installation to the latest patches.  I've started with Hotfix 4.  The installation appeared to go OK, and the services started after I applied the update.  However, when I went to moved onto the next update (APSB13-10) starting by browsing to the update file I ran into a problem.  When I click on the "browse server" button to locate the .jar file for the next update I encounter an error:  "Unable to authenticate on RDS server using current security information".  I've also found that if I try to put the full path into the Update File line and hit "Submit Changes" it errors.


      This seems to be the same problem as http://forums.adobe.com/message/5256752#5256752, but there's no solution to the problem in that discussion.


      I've checked the RDS settings, and RDS is unchecked.  I notice that this screen is different from the pre-upgrade screen, but this seems to be as a result of, I think, APSB13-03, which is included in HotFix 4.  If I try to make any changes on this screen it errors and logs me out of the Cold Fusion administrator.  I've tried commenting out the RDS section in the web.xml file, but this gives me a different error.


      I'm doing this on an isolated test server which has no access to the network.  If I revert to the snapshot I took before the upgrade attempt ColdFusion runs as expected.


      Any ideas what might be the problem?  Thanks in advance.

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          I just ran through the  Cumulative Hotfix for Version: 9,0,2 and was ready to begin the additional patches, but now when I go to system info. and browse server to update the .jar file, java says "SERVER ERROR - Unable to authenticate on RDS server using current security information"

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            rocketzandco Level 1

            I was able to type in the path to the .jar file and perform the hotfix update. I am still getting the Server Error in the Select File on the Server interface within the System info. page.

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              Steve Le P Level 1

              In case it helps anyone I've realised what I was doing wrong here.


              The main “problem” was that one of the updates included in Cumulative Hotfix 4 is APSB13-03 (http://helpx.adobe.com/coldfusion/kb/coldfusion-security-hotfix-apsb13-03.html).  I knew this changed the behaviour of RDS but my knowledge prior to this work of ColdFusion and in particular RDS was very limited, and so I didn't understand the implications of this hotfix.  What this update does is disable RDS by default; I wasn't really aware what the RDS status of my server was prior to the update, partly because before this update there is no "disable RDS" tick box to show whether it is enabled or disabled.  With RDS disabled, you can't browse as the update instructions require you to do.  Obviously RDS was enabled on my setup without me realising it.


              My understanding of this wasn't helped by the fact that when I tried to paste a path into the box and hit the "update" button I got a different error, which I described in my original post.  Similarly if I tried to change RDS settings, or do pretty much anything in the administrator, it failed and logged me out in the same way.  It seemed to me that the whole thing was broken by the updates and I didn't know how to fix it.


              So, following the excellent advice of Charlie Arehart in two articles: http://www.carehart.org/blog/client/index.cfm/2010/12/12/cfmyths_cumulative_hotfixes and http://www.carehart.org/blog/client/index.cfm/2011/10/21/why_chfs_may_break, I went back to the start and installed the cumulative hotfixes one by one.  Although I don't think I actually needed to do this, as Hotfix 4 seems to contain all the previous hotfixes, it did help me realise that the browsing/RDS issue and the error and logout when I tried to do anything in the administrator were two different problems. After further bit of googling I found people suggesting that you should use https to access the administrator, but the shortcut I had was taking me to http (as far as I know I was using the default shortcut).  I found that by going to https the problem of being logged out when trying to do anything disappeared and I could put a UNC path in to update the .jar file for the next update.  I also was now able to enable RDS for single password and could browse like the hotfix instructions advise.  I've since disabled RDS and accepted the inability to browse as a "feature", happy that it's more secure as a result.

              So my “problems” were largely self-inflicted due to my own ignorance of the product, but it wasn’t helped by Adobe’s apparent inability to grasp that there may be similarly ignorant people attempting these updates.  It would have been nice to see some guidance from them.  Furthermore, the cumulative hotfix 4 page (http://helpx.adobe.com/coldfusion/kb/cumulative-hotfix-4-coldfusion-901.html) doesn’t even mention RDS, let alone that the default behaviour changes.  It’s only when you check the individual hotfix information that you can see the information that helped me to realise where I was going wrong.


              As for using https not http; great, but if I’m right that my shortcut is the default out-of-the-box shortcut, where’s the information to advise to change to using https as a result of one of the hotfixes included in hotfix 4 (originally, I think, hotfix 2)?  It’s certainly not mentioned on the page for cumulative hotfix 4.