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    Improperly Displaying some webpages in a desktop adobe air app


      Hello, with flash builder 4.6 and adobe air 3.9 I am making a desktop app which contains few Tabbed sectiosn each section has its own HTML UI component that retrieves a certain web page of web-based admin control panel.

      Everything is fine as it should except when displaying some JavaScript - CKEditor Rich Text Editor for webpages content in my case – which is not displayed at all in the Air built-in browser, also I tested it also with ckeditor.com/demo and also the “try it yourself” thing in www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp, same said about jsFiddle and CodePen. then I found this in some adobe documentation page:

      Because AIR applications run directly on the desktop, with full access to the file system, the security model for HTML content is more stringent than the security model of a typical web browser. In AIR, only content loaded from the application installation directory is placed in the application sandbox. The application sandbox has the highest level of privilege and allows access to the AIR APIs. AIR places other content into isolated sandboxes based on where that content came from. Files loaded from the file system go into a local sandbox. Files loaded from the network using the http: or https: protocols go into a sandbox base on the domain of the remote server. Content in these non-application sandboxes is prohibited from accessing any AIR API and runs much as it would in a typical web browser.

      So I am wondering if there's some solution to work around this limitation.

      Thanks in Advance.