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    Create Object with "Photoshop.Application"


      Keep getting an error when trying to create the object reference using Excel 2011 and VBA macro. Are added files needed for Photoshop CC?

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Please elaborate.


          And consider that hardly anyone here seems to use VB for Photoshop Scripting, JavaScript being the preferred language for that.

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            I have been writing VBA code for many years and have always used Windows up till now, I am attempting to do things on a MAC I can easily do in Windows. I have for years used macros written by myself referencing Adobe Photoshop and also Microsoft Access from within Excel. I have used what is termed 'Late binding" to create objects for the above applications. I understand Access is not useable on the MAC but I believe I should be able to use the macros I have written with slight modifications for file locations. Typically nearly the first executable statement in these macros are as follows


            Dim appRef as Object

            set appRef = CreateObject("Photoshop.Application")


            the second statement when executed allows me the opportunity to use Photoshop (Versions 7 -> CS5 have been successful) to reference all the procedures and functions that would appear on the desktop when using Photoshop.

            According the scripting PDF manual for CS6 they use the same syntax for the VBScript examples. I believe this should work with Photoshop CC. I think when I installed the cloud version I opted for "Typical" installation" instead of maybe selecting "Custom Installation". How do I achieve the use of the above technique? As stated earlier I have used this since Photoshop 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


            Thank you,

            Robert Firman