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    Why will .indd file not open in id CC?


      I have chapter .indd files from a production group. The Links folders are in the same file folder. I get file type not supported, missing plugin, or file open in other app when I try to load the id chapter files. Any suggestions?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you sure about all the file types?

          And you are using the current version of InDesign CC, version 9.1.0?

          There is a script by Jongware you could use to identify the version of an InDesign file:






          You can run it from InDesign and check the file from the production group…
          Maybe it was gone corrupt in transfer to you?


          Did you recieve a zip archive with all the files and folders?
          (That would minimize the possibility of corruption)



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            TODguy Level 1

            Thanks for the response.


            I am using 9.1.0 version of CC that was just downloaded and instralled.


            Bingo! I just ran the script and it returned that the file is not a id document. I downloaded from a ftp site where the production group uploaded the files. I was using CS4 at the time so I asked for a version of one file that would open in the earlier version. They did and I can open that, also, the script identifies that one properly.


            My next step is getting new files.


            Thanks for the help.