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    How do I create multiple crop outputs from ACR?


      In CS5.5 my workflow involved selecting a number of RAW files and opening in ACR. I could make corrections as required, but also apply individual crops to each image. For instance, twenty might be set to 10"x8", another ten to 15"x12" and thirty to 8"x6". When I then clicked done. I could run image processor on the files and point to a hotfolder on the network which was watched by the RIP running the printer. The RIP could then pick up the files, composite them, and start the print queue. it was a hugely efficient system.


      That now seems to have been given the kiss of death because the crop tool in ACR no longer offers any option other than a ratio. My understanding from these forums is that output size is now governed by the workflow options dialogue box. But the problem with that is that it applies the same output size to every image selected, not to mention the fact that instead of opening one dialogue box (namely the custom crop tool), I now need to open two.


      I am at a loss to see how this is a more efficient system. Please give us back the facility to set custom crops with different output sizes, or failing that, can someone explain to me how I now do what I was doing without having to do twice as much work? Otherwise I may as well cancel my CC subscription and go back to 5.5

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          areohbee Level 6

          It sounds like you want different output dimensions, NOT different crops. In other words, if I understand correctly, you want the same portion of the image and same shape (which is what the "crop" is defining), you just want a few different size outputs.


          If that's correct, then it's easy to do in Lightroom, but in ACR proper - I dunno..

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            johninblackhawk Level 1

            Here's my best guess - with the crop drawn on your image, if you right-click within the cropped area, a list of crop sizes will be displayed. Pick the one you want. OR, better yet, create a Preset in ACR for the sizes you use. You can also try creating a template as a Smart Object and use the Replace Contents command to insert the next photo. Send that to the print queu and go to the next template and repeat as needed. Also, are you using the Image Processor Pro version, available free at www.russellsmith.com. The only other thing I can think of is to write your own script using variables, a spread sheet and templates. Ben Willmore has a class on the subject so maybe that will make things workable. The class is offered on www.creativelive.com or Ben's FaceBook page or web site, www.digitalmastery.com should provide the solution.

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              Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Are all the file specs that you set up in Image Processor available in the Save Image button in ACR?


              If so, your steps could look like this:

              1. With Crop tool, set image to correct proportions.
              2. In Workflow Options, choose preset you made for 10x8.
              3. Click Save Image button, choose preset you made for format/file specs, click Save.
              4. While that is processing in the background, repeat steps 2-3 for the next two image dimensions. The odd one is the 8x6 dimension because it doesn't match the proportions of the first two, so for that one you'd have to go back to step 1.


              If you can accomplish your entire workflow in Camera Raw, and if I haven't misunderstood what you need, this could end up being a more efficient workflow overall by saving the trip out to Image Processor.


              Of course, this assumes you've set up presets (a relatively new ACR feature) for your standard dimensions and file specs so that you can keep the number of clicks to a minimum.