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    Requested: Data Merge Glitch Solutions




      I'm using data merge in InDesign cs5.5 but the merged file does not resemble the preview - if it generates at all.  Most of the time InDesign closes unexpectedly trying to generate a preview.  I did try skipping preview as suggested by related posts, to no success.  From what I've read so far, data merge glitches are normal with InDesign but I still need to produce a working file.  Any kind of solutions to such glitches would be greatly appreciated.  I'd also like to attach the file I've done so far in case anyone wouldl like to review it, but I'm new to online forums (this being my first post) and as of now, can't figure out a simple way to go about it.  So here are screen shots of the preview and the merged file instead.  Please feel free to show me how to attach a file too, if so inclined.  Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon. 




      Generated file: