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    Newbie question regarding authorization


      Hi there,

      I have an AMS 5.0.1 up and running. But I am a newbie to AMS.


      I want to implement authorisation functionalities to the AMS for streaming recorded mp4 files (vod).

      As a start, for Flash-based clients using RTMP, later on for iOS/Android devices using HLS/HDS.


      My plan is that the client sends an internal id of the video to stream and a session id.

      These two parms should be passed over from AMS to another remote server having an PHP API or a SOAP web service. This remote server checks if the video may be streamed and (simplified) returns true or false back to the AMS.


      Now, my problem is that I have no idea where to hook into the communication between client and server.

      As far as I understood the normal way to do this would be to listen to some events in the main.asc.


      All examples I've found so far do only show how to handle application.onConnect.

      But I would like the AMS to react on the NetStream.play() command sent by the Flash client.


      How can this be done?


      And, is there a way to do this for the HLS streaming that is not based on Flash clients?


      Thanks a lot in advance