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      • 1. Re: Flash Player Install Complete Still Not Working

        I finally got flash player to run today after several hours of frustration. Even after installing the latest version of Flash, enabling Flash add-ons, deleting Flash browsing data, and installing and uninstalling flash about 20 million times, could not get it to work.  I used the uninstaller and followed all guidance I could find.  It turns out the Adobe guidance is what led me astray.  See Adobe guidance @ http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/flash-player-games-video-or.html especially item 2 under "Solutions" regarding ActiveX filtering.


        Sheer trial and error, I stumbled accross a solution.


        My system config is:

        Operating system: Windows 7 Pro

        Browser: Internet Explorer 10; NOT using google Chrome.


        The fix was  was to uncheck the Active-X filtering from within IE10 (click on Safety and then uncheck Active-X filtering).  In my case, Active-X filtering had to be turned off regardless of the fact I am running IE10, not IE9.  The mode IE10 was running in did not matter either - 2010 mode, 9 mode, compatibility mode.  Flash would not run in any mode until Active-X filtering was turned off.  Adobe guidance only points you disabling Active-X settings when running IE9; does not indicate that ActiveX needs to be disabled when running IE10.


        Bob Wise