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    Does having a FW800 RAID 0 makes sense?


      Hi guys,


      a question for you -


      There are quite a few external RAID 0 drives out there (e.g. WD My Studio II) with eSATA and FW800 connections, but does it make any sense to have a two hdd RAID 0 setup through FireWire 800 for media drive or scratch disk purposes?


      From what I know FW800 maxes out at around 75 MB/s speeds and presuming the actual disks should be capable of something around 100 MB/s, how would it benefit linking them in a RAID 0 - even if the resulting speed of disks is close to 200 MB/s, the FireWire would still cap it.


      Am I missing something in terms of RAID 0 benefits when used over FW800?