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    Issue with imported video in after effects!


      Let me start by saying I am putting together a video editing portfolio.


      I have the final video edit complete and have brought it into after effects, after exporting it as a current settings out of Final Cut Pro 7. I then, accomponied it with motion graphics that include my contact info all within after effects.


      The problem starts here in AE: when I press play on the timeline the entire video moves very sluggish.. Then I exported out of after effects and the final export is still sluggish with the audio cutting in and out (viewing in quicktime player) !.. Is the video supposed to be imported into after effects by a certain format and if so what? or is it supposed to be exported out of after effects by a certain format or way, and if so what? Basically I'm at the end of this process and just need to export the final video with the motion graphics out correctly so that it plays smoothly without complications.


      I've looked all over and can't seem to find a steady answer to this problem. Thanks in advance, much appreciated!