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    overset problem


      I am trying to add a section to an InDesign CS3 version 5.0 manuscript for publication by copying from a Word .doc on a MacBookPro and trying to insert it using Story Editor, but no doubt for good reasons only part of the .doc copies before there is a separation labelled "overset", in Story Editor a red left marginal line appears for the remaining text that does not transfer to InDesign.  No doubt there is something i am missing but i tried for hours yesterday to find out what it is.  Perhaps someone can tell me easily?  Hope so. 

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You need to go back to layout view and pick up the overset, then add more frames to hold it.

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            APEETHA Level 1

            to Peter Spier,


            Thanks.  this is no doubt the right answer in every way but i'm not advanced and not improving, can't get it right yet.  How do i know how many pages to insert in the InDesign ms? 

            I go into layout view and try to 'pick up' the overset but just couldnt so deleted the mess i made and went to the original Word .doc, copied the whole essay, adjusted font size and all, but i have no way that i know of to estimate how many pages in InDesign this essay will need to be inserted.  It would perhaps to start right from scratch and add the section into the original Word.doc ms?

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @APEETHA – it's likely that there is a good cause that forces the overset:
              Special characters, inserted table objects or formatted indents that cannot  fit etc.pp.


              Maybe you could spot every instance of that in Story Editor and delete the special character or copy a inserted table object to a separate text frame aside from your normal text flow.


              If you want to continue your  threaded text frames and adding pages in one go:


              1. Just click the red [+] symbol at your last text frame, the curser will be loaded with text

              2. Add a new page (if there is no empty one after the last text frame of your story)

              3. Hold the Shift button (the text symbol in your curser will change a bit)

              4. Click inside the blank page margins of the next empty page:
              InDesign will flow the text in and build new pages automatically (if necessary).




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                APEETHA Level 1

                Thank you for your advice, didn't expect this, appreciate it greatly. 


                I had begun to go back into Word.doc, but I very much liked working with InDesign, and will return to the issue happily now.


                There's only text material, no tables or special characters, formatted indents or such.  It's a collection of stories.  Fairly straight forward.   However the essay I am trying to insert is longer than any of the other single essays. . . . Perhaps that's relevant. 


                Now I can't wait to go back into it with your instructions, will do that tomorrow morning.  Many thanks for that.





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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  The big problem here is that you are pasting from Word, rather than using File > Place... to import, and that you are doing it in the story editor rather than layout view.


                  In layout view you can auto-flow text as it is placed (not pasted) by holding down the shift key when you click the loaded text cursor and the entire story will flow, with InDesing adding frames and pages as required. If you paste, your text will fill the current frame and go into overset, but in layout view you can still pick up the overset and autoflow into new pages by following Uwe's advice in the other post.


                  I suspect you could use some basic training materials. Sandee Cohen's Visual QuickStart Guide to InDesign is among the best, if not the best, book for InDesign beginners, and Lynda.com has excellent video training. There is alos a fair amount of free stuff on the web, including Adobe TV.

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                    APEETHA Level 1

                    Yes, I will search for the tutorials you mention, thanks for that.  And also your very specific suggestions here.  Feel more equipped to handle it now with many thanks to you. 


                    Before you end this line of questioning, tell me: What does 'Uwe' mean please?  And what do you mean by 'pick up the overset' (perhaps this is a very annoying question, excuse me)?

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Uwe is Herr Laubender's first name.


                      You probably missed that in his post above.