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      What would be the Action Script for a ScrollPane in Flash 8 or CS3.

      I know I keep bothering but I am lost. I'm going to try and explain as best as possible, and in short. This is what I did.

      1. I watched your how to create a "photo gallery and thumbnails" tutorial and "make a web textbox and save for html" tutorial.

      2. I created a flash file with web textboxes (dimensions 6x5in) I created in photoshop that was saved as a jpegs, 15 in total. I just dupilicated the actual one once in flash. Inside of the textbox I placed scrolling text and set it to dynamic text and multiline.

      3. There are 15 thumbnails(tabs, with dimensions 1.25x.5) that I need for for those 15 textboxes. On the side of the textbox I placed a ScrollPane box (dimensions 1.25x4).

      5. The ScrollPane works, the web textbox is there. But when I click on the thumbnail it doesnt go to the next movie (web textbox). Do I need to add a a movie script to the ScrollPane or a movie to the actual textbox I created inside of the web textbox.