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    Tracking C4D model in After Effects with Camera Tracker


      Hello, I have a problem positioning my C4D object in my After Effects Comp for camera tracking.  I create a comp with video footage that I then track camera. I choose a bullseye and position it where I would

      like the C4D object to be placed. I right click the bullseye and 'Set Ground Plane and Orgin'. I then place the C4D object in the comp and set the Cineware Camera to 'Comp Camera'. Now, the C4D object is placed where I

      placed the bullseye, but it is very very small. I can hardley see it. How do I bring the object closer to the 3D Tracker Camera before the camera starts to move? Or do I bring the 3D Tracker Camera closer to

      the object before the camera starts to move. I also tried 'Center Comp Camera' but then the small C4D object disappears and goes off screen. I appreciate any replies. Thanks alot.


      Brandon C.