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    Camera raw editor is, suddenly, beyond slow.

    johninblackhawk Level 1

      While retouching in ACR (PS-CC) with the spot healing brush, ACR doesn't respond for 10 to 15 seconds while using the Spot Removal Brush and/or zooming in or out on the image. This just recently started happening and no changes have been made to my system or drivers. I have been getting the "Cannot complete request due to a system error" message...this message leaves alot to the imagination!


      I am on a Win 7Pro 64 bit system w/16gigs of RAM, 2gigs of VRAM with ample scratch disk space. I have the dedicated RAM setting in prefs set to 70%. I'm using an internal drive (1TB) dedicated to PS as a scratch disk. By contrast, the Camera RAW Filter works fine! I have experienced this same problem regardless of the file size. A 67 meg file responds as slowly as a 474 meg file. It doesn't matter whether I am working on a .dng, .nef, or editing a Smart Object. Also, the "Open as Smart Object" button is gone, even with that function checked in the ACR settings.


      Should I reinstall Bridge? If so, is there any way to save the "collections" links. I have three collections I am working on and would rather not have to create them again after a new Bridge install. Is there a way to just reinstalll the ACR editor?