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    Setting defaults

      When I record new slides to an existing project, Captivate always sets the transitions for new captions to "fade in and fade out" which I never use. This forces me to always change my captions every time I record new slides.

      Is there any way to change the defaults to what I want so that I don't have to manually change this everytime?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi RedScare

          I don't believe any way exists to set the default transition for captions when recording and allowing Captivate to add them for you. However, you may wish to try the "Apply to all" setting. Just double-click a caption, make the transition change, then click Apply to all and click the Settings button. Choose the "Apply only changed properties" action and apply to all captions.

          This may be hit or miss. I do believe Captivate is a bit buggy with this particular feature. I've seen it work some of the time and fail to apply some of the time. Sometimes it's self induced, as when I forget I want to apply changes, then double click the caption and flag apply to all (but I really didn't change anything after I opened the dialog back up) but sometimes it is just obstinant and doesn't apply the settings correctly. I've had it happen personally as well as having seen others report the behavior.

          Cheers... Rick