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    Multiple eReaders

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      I have two Kobo eReaders.   I borrow lots of library books.  I download a book onto my Kobo AuraHD for home reading.  But ADE won't let me download these same books to my Kobo Glo which I take on the road.   I am using the same PC to download from the library and then to my two eReaders.


      How do I get around this problem.   ADE doesn't seem to know that the Glo eReader is also registered to me.


      The books I purchase are downloaded from Kobo on to both eReaders no problem so for purchased books I have all books on both Readers.


      Warning:  I am not sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers although I did manage to get through the 'authorization' process after updating to ADE V2


      Thank you in advance for some help.

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          sjpt Level 4

          I'm not 100% sure, but the GLO may have two registrations, one for Kobo books specifically and one for general Abobe ID books.


          When the GLO is connected to the computer with USB, it should show up in the left panel of ADE.  Does it do this?

          If so, try menu/Help/Authorize Device (Library/Authorize Device on the older more reliable ADE v1.7.2).


          If the GLO is properly registered to your Adobe ID but ADE won't recognize the Glo at all,

          try copying books from the computer to the Glo as a mounted drive,  using your file manager (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder).

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            MLOUR Level 1

            Finally found my first posted message about this mess.  When I plugged in the Glo AND the Aura my V2 of ADE did recognize both KOBO readers.


            Now I realize that I completely forgot that we must authorize each device we add in ADE.  So that is why I was unable to copy my borrowed library books over to the Glo.  Sadly ADE did not pop up with a warning message that readers must be authorized.  My computer was authorized way back and my Aura was authorized in April 2013 when I bought it.


            After doing the set up for Glo with KOBO which is running 3.1 new version I linked my Aura with Kobo desktop and it was updated with 3.1.


            Thinking something was wrong with ADE I uninstalled and then downloaded V2 again.  Now I went through the computer authorization, NEW account, and then I realized why I had a problem.  So I plugged in my AuraHD which was already authorized under previous ADE ID back in April. 


            New install of ADE V2 would not recognize the Aura, tried the Glo and it wouldn't recognize it either.  Did a factory reset of both devices, reset up the AuraHD with Kobo desktop app and packed up the Glo to return to Best Buy.


            I can not get any version of ADE to recognize my kobo aura hd device now so am unable to "authorize" the reader.


            Now I realize that setting up another NEW Adobe ID account has created some of my probs, older library books don't recognize new ID.  But I can download new library books and 'Return' them from ADE no problem.


            How do I get ADE to recognize my Kobo Aura HD and let me 'authorize' the reader?  I wonder if the newer V3.1.0 from KOBO is creating a problem?


            Sorry to be so stupid . . .

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              sjpt Level 4

              Can you confirm that when you plug the Kobo Aura HD in, it is seen as a mounted drive in your file manager (Windows Explorer, Mac FInder)?

              If not, there is something wrong with the Kobo/computer USB connection:  maybe some setting/interaction you need on the Kobo?


              My Sony relies on having the Sony Reader software installed before ADE can see the Sony, no need to run Sony Reader, just have it installed.

              I'm not sure if the Kobo relies on other software (such as Kobo desktop) as well as ADE before it can be seen by ADE.

              Maybe there is some issue with V3.1.0 and the Aura for some odd reason.


              I'm afraid I can't think of anything else from the ADE end.  You may be best seeeing if Kobo can help.

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                MLOUR Level 1

                AuraHd appears in Explorer under "Computer" there is the usual Drive C and then "KOBOeReader (E:).


                Back to the beginning:  Aura was already recognized by ADE since April and working seamlessly.


                Nov 30 Set up and plugged in the new Glo and (my Aura) and both showed up in ADE but I was unable to transfer library books to the Glo.  The warning said the books were licenced to anther User and I thought I was restricted to only one Reader.  I forgot I had to Authorize the Glo.


                After that things went downhill rapidly because I de-authorized my computer and Kobo, did a factory reset on both eReaders and set them up again and syncing with KOBO.  I uninstalled ADE and started over with a new authorization for my computer but now ADE won't recognize either eReader so I can't even authorize the Readers.


                Thank you for taking so much of your time to help me.

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                  I downloaded ADE V 2.0 again.  Authorized my computer, downloaded a book from the library and a book I own from KOBO.  No problems, both books are in ADE.


                  Shut down ADE, then I plugged in my AuraHD, check to make sure it shows up under Computer as Drive E: and the Kobo is recognized as drive E.


                  Fired up ADE and waited, waited, waited and ADE will not recognize my AuraHD.


                  Sure wish there was someone at Adobe that I could talk to . . .

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                    MLOUR Level 1

                    GREAT NEWS ! !   Everything is working !  What did I do?  I called KOBO finally.  She told me to do Factory Reset on both eReaders then do a new set up for each reader as if they are brand new.  This is done through the Kobo desktop App.


                    ADE recognizes both eReaders now and I have authorized both readers.


                    I'm in 7th heaven !


                    Special thanks belong to sjpt for spending so much time trying to help me.  For the future, # 1 first thing to do is Factory Reset the device, set up again with your Vendor then try ADE.


                    Also the little pin hole on bottom of Kobo eReaders is NOT the correct factory reset, that is a basic reset.  Factory Reset is found under Settings, Device Information then near bottom under Advanced "Reset device", to the right select "Factory Reset".

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                      sjpt Level 4

                      Excellent.  Thanks for posting back so that other can learn from you experience.

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                        MLOUR Level 1

                        Newest problem, can't log either reader into my wifi network.  But this I will take up with my service provider when I can find the energy.  Don't really need wifi with these kobo readers as they aren't designed to surf the web, it is just for syncing with kobo for updates.  I usually have wifi turned off anyway.


                        Most important thing is I can read inexpensively again.  The vendors are ramping up prices of books, ebooks that cost $7.99 a year ago now costs $15, even for books that are older publications.   I make it a rule not to spend more than $10.


                        Again many thanks sjpt