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    photomerge on cs5 will not finish


      photo merge on cs5 loads and gaters all info but when it finishes, photo is not there.  This has worked in past, but not now.  I reloaddes software and made sure windows was updated.  Tried converting photos to other file formats.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          What do you see in the Layers panel?  Or does Photoshop simply not complete the merge?  Are you using more files than previously, or from a new camera with a larger sensor?


          What are your system specs? (How powerful is your computer?)


          If you are using Windows, try opening the Task Manager and view the Performance tab to see if you are maxed out on CPU and RAM, and if it eventually drops to normal levels.


          Try downsizing all the images before merging them.


          Try loading the images into Photoshop layers. Select all the layers, and go Edit > Auto align layers followed by Edit > Auto merge layers  with seamless tones and colours checked.