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    gotoAndPlay scene

      Hi, on loading, my Flash movie calls the following:
      loadMovieNum("main_menu.swf", 10);

      I have a mc button within "main_menu.swf". I am trying (with no avail) to put an action on this button to tell the movie to play scene "portfolio", frame 1, within "main_menu.swf". This is what I am trying:

      on (release) {
      _root.gotoAndPlay("portfolio", 1);
      loadMovieNum("", 4);
      loadMovieNum("", 5);
      loadMovieNum("", 6);
      on (rollOver) {
      on (rollOut) {

      The problem seems to be with "_root.gotoAndPlay("portfolio", 1);". I have tested the other elements which work fine.

      How can I get the button to play the desired scene?

      Many thanks