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    Dreamweaver size


      I have a problem with my dreamweaver...the page height is approximately 4500px. I want to add an ap div to make it relative to be rescalable at the bottom of the page as a contact area. The problem is that when I set it to position bottom 0, the div is positioned to where my page view from top is delimited. Is it a problem that can be resolved or must I try to reinstall it?


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          #1  Do not use explicit height values.   This limits how much content your page/container can hold.   Page height is always determined by content.  And your layout must remain flexible to support both long & short pages. 


          #2 APDivs are seldom a good idea because they remove content from the normal document flow.  Why do you think you need an APdiv for any of this?  My guess is you don't. 


          #3 For better help with specific layout questions, please post a link to your web page so we can check it in our browsers.   Ultimately, DW's Design View and Live View don't mean much.  What matters most is how your page displays in real browsers.



          Nancy O.

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            Se7.enAce Level 1

            So what can I use to set an area at the base of the page so I can add links in it? I was thinking of making a table in an ap div and set the links there. my site is not finished so I can't offer a link to my webpage

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Why not just put your footer links inside your <footer> div?  No positioning required.


              Nancy O.

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