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    Adobe Lens Profile Creator - ERROR (Detect corners failed because file reading errors ocurred)

    gd2012 Level 1

      1) I have successfully created a lens profile for a Nikon AF Micro Nikkor 40mm 2.8 lens used in a Nikon D5200 Camera. For this I converted the raw .nef files to .DNG first using Adobe's DNG Converter.


      2) When trying to create another lens profile using the EXACT SAME .DNG files as posted in 1), I am no longer able to create a lens profile because of the message "Detect corners failed because file reading errors ocurred". I am also unable to create any other lens profile using different photos.


      3) I have also tried using a fresh install of Adobe Lens Profile Creator in another mac and I get the exact same error.


      4) I AM ABLE to create a lens profile if I use .jpg files (generated from the same raw .nef files as mentioned) but this doesn't help because then the profiles don't show up when trying to open a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw.


      Please help as this is exasperating.


      Thank you.