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    Adobe Premiere Elements 0.9 project crash, HELP!


      This is the first time I am using these forums, so I hope I posted this in the right sektions.

      I need help and solutions for a Project which constantly crashes on my Adobe Premiere Elements 0.9. This program has been awesome and helped me create some projects and videos successfully, up until.... well for about 3 days ago when my latest project crashed when I had just antered and checking the storyboard etc, triggering a "Serious Error" message and then it shuts down. I try again and again, but everytime I try to put something (any sound or video etc) on the storyboard and start working etc the same damn "Serious Error" message and then allways shuts down. It's allways this same and only project (which has worked fine before) that crashes like this...


      In an attempt to first solve the problem myself I went through the Premiere Elements 9 files and deleted finnished projects and automatic saved process on projects etc, but still won't work even better... The funny thing is that when I open another project (a finnished project I left saved just in case) and go through the storyboard there and messes around a little and such, it won't crash nor trigger the same message as my latest project. And that program even has some effects on every footageclip on it too, but still it works fine. Haven't touched the program or the program until and since yesterday night to give it some rest but it still won't work, the project just keeps crashing like when and since it first started a few days ago.

      I have also read through and tried some things from this Help/Troubleshoot page:


      http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/kb/troubleshoot-damaged-projects-premiere-element s.html


      I have so far been doing 1 and 2 of the "Beginning Troubleshooting", otherwise I have been reading it all and such. I am also kinda afraid to do the 3 of the first quests because I worked so hard on this project and even tough it just keeps crushing, I'm afraid to lose it. Other, I have deleted audios and such from my filegallery on my Adobe Premiere Eements, stuff I don't need anymore because its projects are already done. After I did that I also tried to create a new project just for testing. The amazing this about this is that this the new created project I created works just fine, I could do all kinds of the stuff, effects and advanced editing which I did on the same project before it started crushing. Tough I didn't save that test-project since I didn't find a reason to since it worked so good. And so the thing is that I can start and create a new project and start working and do usual stuff on it with no problem, same when I open up another project and do stuff, it all works just fine! It is just this one and only project that keeps crushing with this "Serious Error" message, all the time... Does anybody else have, or has had the same problem? What could the problem and error be and how to fix it?


      This crushing project do has some effects on every footageclip/videoclip on it, to set the right mood for the musicvideo I'm making. I am making a musicvideo, and I haven't even done the half of the project/video. The song I am making this musicvideo with is about 00:07:32 in length, and (tough this detail may have no influence or meaning) the music is Symphonic Metal. The actual file of the song is 6,96 MB in size. This is also not the first time I've done such projects with such long songs on this same program either, one of my last videos I managed to successfully make and create a musicvideo with a song which was about 13 minutes and 30 seconds in length, and I also used effects on pretty much every videoclip on that project too.

      The current filesize so far on the actual project.prel-file of my project that keeps crushing is 9.73 MB.

      I am also using Adobe Premiere Elements and doing this troubleing, crashing project on a PC, a Fujitsu Windows (I believe Windows 7, or even updated to a newer version?). It has a regular ATI-card. The computer also has 2 modems and there's still some pretty GB amount free on them. The PC's main system also has a RAM in 6.00 GB and the operative system is the 64-bites.


      In short, the PC should just fine be able to handle Adobe Premiere Elements 0.9 and all its projects, just as it has handled it all before plus all my PC games at that. So it must be something with my Adobe Premiere Elements and that specific project which is the problem, but what is the problem and the serious error and how to fix it?

      Could it help to save and create the actual video in this crashing project, delete that project then start a new project, upload and put in the videofile of the crashing project in that new project and then continue from there?

      In either cases, I need help with this. Please, help!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Lots of great details in your question, ZA, but unfortunately none of the information we need.


          What operating system are you using? What processor does your computer have and how much RAM do you have? How much free, clean, defragmented space is on your computer? When did you last run Windows Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter?


          Have you done a Save As and saved your project under a new name, in its own folder?


          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          When you started your Premiere Elements project, which settings did you select? You can see the project settings under the Edit menu.


          Is any audio you're using in the form of a WAV file?


          Have you rendered your timeline whenever you see a red line above your clips in Timeline mode?

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            ZeldAlice Level 1

            Thanks so much for your reply, Steve!

            Even tough I trust you guys enough here on the official Adobe site/forums to answer those questions as best I can, I am at the same time not very fond of giving away too much information because of safety. I understand I have to If I'm to recieve the accurate answers and solution, but as this is the internet you can never know. But again, I trust you guys enough on here and thus I'll try to answer those questions as best I can, even tough I am not very good with such stuff about computers. The PC I am using is also not only mine, it is the family computer also which me and my whole family uses.


            The operating system on my computer (according to the computer propotions etc) is a 64-bites operating system and the computer/PC is also a Windows 7 Home Premium.

            The processor the computer/PC have is a Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU and the RAM is 6.00 GB. However, (and I hope I make this understandable because the computer/PC is in swedish)the subscore of RAM in the computer's Performance-Classification/Ranking is 7,5. The processor subscore is 7,3 per second. And the free space? Well, we have two modems, let's say a modem A and a modem B. Adobe Premiere Elements 0.9 is set to save all its stuff etc on modem B, while modem A is the main modem and spaces all main stuff and other things of the computer/PC. Modem A has about 314 GB of free space, while modem B has 207 GB of free space. Modem A's capacity is a total of 489 GB in which 175 GB has been used, the modems filesystem is a NTFS. Modem B is also a NTFS filesystem and its capacity is a total of 439 GB in which 232 GB has been used. And the Disk Cleanup? I believe my that latest ran it for about a few weeks ago. We also have a CCleaner also. But about the Disk Defragmenter, I have no idea. What exactly does a Disk Defragmenter do?


            You mean, entering my project that keeps crushing and simply rename it by using "Save As"? If that is what you mean, I dunnow If that actually worked. When I still tried to do stuff and edit the crashing project (tough as said, it hardly took any changes and process before it triggered that message) and then crashed and shut down, and I opened up the program again (trying to open the same project that way), it asked me If I wanted to re-create the missing process from the last crash of the same project. I tried it and it automaticly was renamed to a for example Project.copy. But when I tried to work with that it was to no futher success, the project kept crashing. I haven't renamed the project by "Save As" tough, but I doubt it'll work, I even tried to rename the actual project file in the Adobe Premiere Elements files but nope... the project keeps crashing. But also about the same question, "Save As" under a new name but in its own folder? You mean the actual project folder or Adobe Premiere Elements preview folder of the projects?


            My camcorder is pretty old by now, have had it since I turned 15, it has worked pretty good since then. Its model is a Sony Handycam, Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar OPTICAL 20x. Even tough the last thing maybe doesn't say anything, this is all I know about my camcorder, except that it is a model no. DCR-HC17E PAL. But in that Project  which keeps crashing, there are only a few actual camcorder clips used as I am making a Game-MusicVideo and most of the footage of the Video-game (actually a PC game) I'm making a musicvideo of is downloaded from Youtube mostly from a guy I asked permission for to download his recorded footage of the game. I used a Youtube downloader called ClipConverter. As I don't have a SD card I cannot make this footage myself. But some footage I recorded on my camcorder, but If I can find high quality clips and get them, I will. The other footages is actual official trailers of the PC games which also was downloaded from the net. But I can give you the stuffs filetypes and hoping that may help. The downloaded footage which was downloaded by this ClipConverter, are MP4 files. The other stuff (which were official trailers) and most of them are also MP4 files, the others are QuickTime-film files. Many of these downloaded footages and trailers are also in HD quality, at least some of them I think.

            The actual filetype ofthe footage I myself recorded with my camcorder are, well.... it says Videoclip in the file. Maybe it is AVI?


            The project settings? You mean the settings you set at first when starting as a new project? The general settings are, in editingsettings it is AVCHD 270p square pixel. This is kinda hard for me to tell since everything is in swedish in my program. But these settings has worked perfectly before, same with all files, footages and videoclips I have been using, also all the soundfiles etc. Even the actual crashing project worked perfectly before it started crashing... So why does it so suddenly start crashing now?


            The audio is a song I copied directly from its album and CD into the computer/PC and it seems to be in WMA format in filetype.


            And lastly, no I haven't rendered the timeline of the project ever, not even on my other projects. What does the rendering do and is useful for? I have very little knowledge of it. Other, I keep the Timeline mode open all the time because I can edit my videos much better with it, but perhaps that editing method make little influence of the actual problem.


            Other, yesterday when writing the post and topic, I forgot to mention that I restarded my computer right after I created a new project, that testing project. When finnished with the testing I restarted the computer. Since then I haven't touched the crashing project since now tonight, when checking its settings for this post. I am also right now trying to create and save the actual videofile of it, saving it on my computer. I'll soon see If it's successful without any crashing interruptions, plus that the video itself works and is smooth when I'll play it on Windows Media Player like all the rest of my other videos. I do this just in case I must create a new project to be able to continue with my musicvideo, as the first part of it I worked very hard on.


            Other and again, I am still puzzled about why this is even happening, that this project which worked perfectly fine before, just suddenly starts triggering that "Serious Error" message and crashes. And in this program which worked so perfect before. Has this happened to anyone else before? Has anyone else experienced the same issue I have? Is this a knowledgable issue which has solutions and ways to fix it?... :/

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 may help, since it has links about project setup and sharing to DVD


              Premiere Elements FAQ List (2 pages of FAQ as of September 2013) http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements/premiere_elements_faq?view=all

              Premiere Elements TIPS List (6 pages of Tips as of September 2013) http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere_elements/premiere_elements_tips?view=all

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                ZeldAlice Level 1

                John T Smith, as much as I am grateful and all for the links you posted, I still can't find how exactly those is going to help me with my issue. Before I posted on this forum I checked through the forum after similar problems with Adobe Premiere Elements 0.9, hardly found anything. The only thing I found closest to my problem plus a possible solution was the troubleshooting page, which I have tried 2 options of so far without futher success.

                Again, I thank you for the links but at the same time help in those is a bit hard for me to find, especially since most of the threads there are about the latest Adobe Premiere Elements and other such. I need more exact and direct solutions and help when it comes to links like this. You don't know about a similar thread with a person dealing with a same kind of problem like mine with the same Premiere Elements version? And does the thread contain any further info about ways to fix it and solutions etc?


                Other, I managed to successfully create and save a video of the same crashing project, I played the video on Windows Media Player and it played very smoothly. I wonder how the video of the damaged project was able to be created and saved as a video as the project itself is crashable and damaged. But at least I managed to get the video of it even tough it is only about one third part of it is done and finnished and not even half of the whole thing is finnished. But as I can create new projects, it seems, and work as usual with that, I have a backup plan for the musicvideo project even tough the original project file is damaged.

                This was the only thing I did with the chrshing and damaged project yesterday night, I didn't touch the stuff on the storyboard or anything else. I am kind of afraid to touch it even tough I don't know If restarting the computer/PC the night before yesterday was successfull or not.

                And even If I have a backup plan, I want to solve this still and fix it all. I'll need all the help, advice and solutions for my problem of the damaged project I can get from here! I mean, why did it even start to cause problem and triggering a "Serious Error" and the crash as the project worked so good at first? What could the serious error be and how to fix it?...

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                  ZeldAlice Level 1

                  Tonight I tried the same troubling project to work and edit futher with, but restarting the computer those days ago also didn't even help... >_>

                  Even tough I have the output video file of it (which still works and plays smoothly), I am still sad and confused as to why this is happening and has to happen. No project has ever been like this before nor have the program even been broken like this, it has allways worked perfectöy everything up until now... Why is this happening? What am I going to do? Even after all possible solutions I've read about I'm still confused and unsure about trying them out, I am truly no good at these things...