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    Photoshop not responding to print command


      PS CS4 does not respond when I go to print. This is a new problem, I've been using this set up for over two years and I've never had this problem. My set up is PS CS4, Windows XP with a Epson 3880 printer. The only problem is when I hit 'print", it takes 5 minutes or more for the printer dialogue to appear and the any changes I need to make take extra time. The system is not on line so I know there are no viruses, I did hook up the system and downloaded all the new updates, no change. I've uninstalled and reinstalled PS, no change, I've deleted my preferences, no change. I did get a message "Apphangxprocb1". I've not uninstalled the printer yet. Only with the print action am I having a problem, other than that PS is working fine.Any help will be greatly appreciated.