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    Merging Past and Present Photos???


      A friend of mine took a photo taken years ago of JFK in Dallas in his car on the Motorcade route. Then a Photo from present day Dallas in the exact same spot and merged them together into one. it looks Ghostly and so neat... will this software do that?  What do i need? I can learn how , I just need to know what Software and add ons I need to learn it with??      thanks  zip

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          To the first part of your question (can AE do this): Yes you can do this effect in after effects but i'd rather use photoshop if you want to work with stillframes since after effects is a software designed to edit videos.


          What do you need: 2 images taken from the exact same positiion. It would be ideal if there were similar weather conditions and you would use the exact same or at least almost the same camera settings for both images. most important would be the focal length of your camera.


          How to do this effect: 1. Allign the images as close as possible (lowering the transperency of the top image will help you to do this)

                                            2. Use a vector mask (photoshop) to "erase" tone half of your top image

                                            3. Correct brightness and contrast etc. by using the levels (ctrl + l) or curves (ctrl + m) adjustment until both images blend seamlessly


          Do you need any addons: No. Both after effects and photoshop can do this with their default filters and tools

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            If you want to learn to do simple things like this with After Effects, start here to learn the basics: