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    buy in Australia and move overseas


      Hi, I'm an Australian living in Brunei for the next 12 months.  So I'm returning to Auz next month, want to buy CS6 Standard before returning to Brunei for a year.  Do I need to register/activate my CS6 when in Australia.... or can I return to Brunei and activate there?  I've read that the software can be difficult to activate if in a different region to the one I bought it from.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I'm in NZ, and I get forced to the Adobe Oz online store, but when you think about it, Adobe apps are world leading, and accordingly, used by professionals.  Imagine a multi million dollar movie production away on location, and the DP wants to sort through the day's rushes with Prelude, Prem Pro etc. but has a bit of a problem that can't be fixed because he is not in the country linked to his account?


          So with that in mind, would I risk it?  Not a chance.  Get it sorted in Oz.


          I wonder how you'd get on with a CC subscription that needed periodic reactivation?