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    Cannot install InDesign once removed from computer

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      Hi Indesign users,


      Here are some tech details:


      1. MacMini 3.1, 6Gb RAM, OS X 10.9

      2. Adobe CC - InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

      3. InDesign worked without errors until this morning.

      4. No updates from yesterday (Saturday, Novermber 30) and today (December 1st)

      5. No fonts installed in between.


      What I did:


      This morning (December 1st) I tried to open an InDesign file to check if my collaborator finished the project. The file is hosted on Dropbox in a folder we are sharing. Therefore, I did what I am always doing with any of my IND files: double click on it to open it. It opened the file, showed me a white screen with all the InDesign tools and menus. And it stood that way for several minutes until I decide to force IND to quit.


      Then I tried again to open just the IND software. IND started to gave me an error like: IND is shuting down from a serious error.....


      I turned off the computer and started it again. InDesign opened the file properly, but I cannot do anything: no scrolling, no navigating between pages, nothing. It was frozen showing me a rainbow circle cursor for minutes. Therefore I decide, again, to force the software to close. I cannot open InDesign at all after that. The same message of a serious error is showed.


      I delete all kind of files based on things I read on the forum: from caches, workplaces etc. Nothing worked.


      As I had enough of those errors I was experiencing several months ago, I decide to completeely remove the InDesign hoping that I can reinstall it again, clean without errors.


      I delete all instances where InDesign might be present. At least I think that way.


      I shut down the computer and open it again, went to Creative Cloud Desktop Manager and when I tried to choose install InDesign, surprise. The manager is shopwing me that InDesign is Up to Date. I cannot install it.


      Please help.


      I did a complete instalation of my MAC a month ago just to get rid of those InDesign errors. I had enough of it. I do not care to reinstall my MAC again from zero just because that damn application.


      Warm regards,



      P.S. I just read on an older post something. In that folder I am sharing there is a file having the extension: *.idlk That's why I cannot open the InDesign file? What to do in the future when I see files like that? Anyway, that is now unimportant since it will not save me from missing installing option for InDesign.


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