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    Setting selected in cfselect via a database

      Can anyone help me with this? I am returning a record form a database into a flash form. I can return the details to the form no problem but I am having a problem with the cfselect items which I have in my form. I want them to display the correct item rather than just the default but I don’t know the syntax to make them selected using the value I return from the database.

      So far I have

      <cfselect id="hear_about_us" name="hear_about_us" label="How did you hear about Chilli?" required="yes" message="How did you hear about Chilli?" width="180" selected="#hear_about_us#">

      If I put it as an text field it returns the correct value so I know its passing the right data its just that the select doesn’t seem to work.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.