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    Window Component, swf, and PHP

    Jan Balster
      Hi everyone,

      I have a simple mail form, which communicates with a PHP script on the server. When I go to the swf directly it works just fine. When I put it inside the window component it stops working. I think it has something to do with how the data gets sent from the window component.

      Anybody have a suggestion what to do?


      - Jan
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          BSpero Level 1
          You'll have to post some code for folks to take a look at. When you put something in the window component, there are some different paths, etc.

          - B
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            Jan Balster Level 1
            This is the AS that is used in the form. When I navigate to the swf directly, it works like a charm. When I load the the swif with the form into my popup window it stops working. It seems that the actionscript goes through the motions but doesn't receive a response from the server.

            The setup is as follows: On the main timeline I have a button, which opens the popup window, in which the "contactform.swf" loads. The attached ActionScript is in the 1st frame of the actions layer in contactfrom.swf

            Any help is greatly appreciated.

            - Jan

            The swf can be viewed at SWF

            and to view the swf in the popup window goto Click Button at Top