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    Slow movement effects

      I'm creating a simple app and part of it needs to reposition and zoom in on an image (think like a picture book)

      I've played around with it, and have a few questions:

      1. Is there any advantage to writing my own custom TweenEffect over using a ParallelEffect with Move and Zoom inside?

      2. It seems animations in Flex are slower and more "choppy" than in Flash. the default framerate for flex is 24, but when building flash files, i typically use 30 or 60. Are there any negative effects to flex with a higher frame rate? like slow data transmission or event dispatching?

      3. the source control is large, 2500x2500 pixels. in order to move/zoom i scale the source down then back to full size for the zoom/move, I could leave the control full size and scale the containing control (like a viewport) up. is there any advantage to on method or another?

      Thanks for your help, love the tools!