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    Recompile after XML is modified?

    munchkin65 Level 1
      We are building an application for our customer in which they need the ability to simply open the xml, modify it and save it. Then the next time the application is run, it pulls in the new xml information. It this possible to do without having to recompile the entire application in Flex? The key point of this being that the customer does not have Flex and would not want to buy it. We can give them simple instructions if there are steps that need to be taken that wouldn't require Flex (we already need to give them instructions on how to create a new projection file after the xml has been modified, so giving a few more steps to ensure that the new xml is pulled in would be ideal.) Our deliverable is on Monday so any kind of quick response would be much appreciated.
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          peterent Level 2
          Your Flex application can request the XML data at runtime (dynamically) from the server and send it back again using the Flex HTTPService data service.

          For an application as you describe, you can create a set of server-side scripts in whatever system is familiar to you. PHP is a good one has it has a lot of extensions including XML parsing. Your Flex application makes a request either for an XML file directory (specify the .xml file as the url) or for a PHP script which sends the XML (specify the .php as the url).

          When it comes time to send the data back, you use use a POST method to a PHP script which can receive the XML data and write it to a file on the server.