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    memory usage

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      I am using Flex in order to create a dashboard to display various measures in a browser. Apparently it seemed that on starting the application, it was pretty fast till it reached a point in time that it slowed down considerably. Assuming that it might have to do something with the browser caching, I started monitoring the memory usage by the browser, and I observed that the memory usage graph was continuously on an upward trend.

      So it was evident that the browser was caching the different mxml files in its memory as the user browsed around. Now I didn't want the browser to cache this information beyond a certain size so I started looking and found that if you created a file named flex-webtier-config.xml


      But having done this the memory usage remains the same and I don't see any difference. Are their any other ways to reduce the caching? Please advise.
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          kilyas2007 Level 1
          Another thing for the purpose I looked into was the use of flex-config.xml file for the purpose. However interestingly when I add the cache element to the file I get the error:-

          Unknown configuration variable cache
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            ntsiii Level 3
            I think "flex-webtier-config.xml" is an LCDS configuration file. Are you using that?

            There is no configuration setting tht I know of that will correct memory issues on the client.

            Make sure your app is releasing all references to unused objects, so garbage collection can reclaim the memory.

            Google this, you will find more detail.
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              kilyas2007 Level 1
              yes I did a lot of google and also do have a webtier.config.xml

              I have named it myapp.webtier.config.xml. Or is it that it always need to be flex.webtier.config.xml?

              Here is what it looks like


              However it didnt help much. Any other thoughts?
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                Don't know if this will help or not, not sure how you have your application structured and I'm new to Flex myself but in your html container file you could try the
                in Flex load your screens or state components on as needed basis, in module format.

                Hope this helps