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    Unstalling ADE V 1.7 or V 2

    MLOUR Level 1

      When I uninstall ADE should I also Delete/Remove the folder under "My Documents" called "My Digital Editions" where ADE stores all the books and docs I download to ADE.  Did the folder "My Digital Editions" come with ADE or is it a folder in Windows Explorer that ADE uses?


      I am wondering if some ADE files in this folder may be causing a problem when I re-install ADE V2.


      I deleted all the books that were stored in My Digital Editions as they were library books that I had borrowed and returned over 2 1/2 years but I did not remove any other folders because I don't know if they're important or a problem.


      Thanks for any help.

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          sjpt Level 4

          You can delete the folders without problem.

          Make sure you have a backup of any books you have bought though.

          They will NOT be automatically restored from the cloud if you register again on that or any other machine.


          You will probably find lots of unnecessary .acsm files in your download folder.

          The .acsm files are initial tokens when you borrow/buy a book, the .epub files in "My Digital Editions" are the books themselves.

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            MLOUR Level 1

            So the folder "My Digital Editions" is installed by ADE and it is ok to remove this folder and the contents? 


            I had only borrowed library books, all read, in My Digital Editions.  Bought books are all stored at KOBO.  The other sub folders in MDE are:








            Then there are 3 files Import.log, manifest.xml and migration.log


            Where are all these .acsm files?  I notice under Adobe / Program Files there is a folder called "Reader".


            Think I'll call the computer guy in the morning, this is too dangerous for me.


            I appreciate all your help, thank you very much.

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              MLOUR Level 1

              I wrote . . . "a folder called "Reader" . . . think my brain is numb, I've got Adobeitis . . . forgot the most used program in the world and I use it at least daily.