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    Import music from itunes


      How do I import my own music  from itunes into Premier Elements so that it will actually play?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Many reports of itunes problems, seeming related to Apple copy protection


          I don't do Apple anything, but my "fuzzy" memory is to save to an unprotected format such as WAV and import those files


          You might ask in an Apple forum how to remove DRM and save as WAV

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            John is correct. You need to break the copy protection in order to use iTunes music in a video project (or use music from Amazon.com, which does not have such copy protection).


            One of the ways to break copy protection is to burn a CD of the song, then rip it back to your computer and save it as a WAV file.


            It's kind of a hassle, but that's why most people get their video music from Amazon (or from royalty-free sites like http://Muvipix.com).

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              Towncrier Level 1

              Thank you. I will try. The itune files do play in Cyberlink.

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                Click on the music/audio files and drag them from their itunes Librarywhich you want to upload on your Premiere Elements. By minimizing your itunes screen you'll be able to just drag them onto your computer and the documents (for example your Music document). It'll create a automatic copy and then it's simply to upload them from that document onto your Premiere Elements. At least this is what I allways do and it works very good for me, I hope this will be of any help for you too!

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  All iTunes purchases since April 2009 have been iTunes Plus format and are unprotected (the filename will have the extension .m4a). Older tunes MAY be protected (filename extension.m4p). Steves suggestion will work for both types, but for unprotected files you can use iTunes itself to convert them (use .wav for best compatibility) - http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1550.


                  [EDIT] And any music you put into iTunes from your own CD collection will be unprotected and can be converted to .wav by iTunes as per the linked article.


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