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    begin chapter with a left handed page

    Sean novice Level 1



      Ok Ive browsed for answers to no avail. The best answer I found was "InDesign doesn't start with a left handed page because most books don't start this way"... not good enough.


      My document is going to be about 300 pages long and I'm beginning to work on each chapter one at a time. Some chapters need to start on the right, others the left (depending on which page the last chapter ended)


      Problem is when I begin a left handed page (allow document pages to shuffle- off), the master sections of my document (graphics, page numbers) jump way out of alignment. (see piccy)


      I am totally new to InDesign (1 month) but am enjoying  learning the software. I have yet to get stuck on anything but this has me stumped.


      Any help would be appreciated.



      New Picture.png

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          assign an even number to the page in the Numbering and Setion Options.

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            Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

            Peter's right. If you want your book to begin on a left-hand page, simply assign an even number to it. Double click on the triangle above page 1 and in the Numbering and Sections options set the start page number field to 2 or whichever page you want to begin on but it has to be an even number. InDesign is "trying" to help you but it doesn't understand that you want to start on an even page. The above solution should fix this for you. As an aside, I would suggest looking into using the Book panel in InDesign. From your description above, you are creating multiple chapters that are part of an overall book. With the Book panel, it can calculate wheter a page needs to be added to begin each chapter on a certain page. It's pretty slick!