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    Computer not reconized - new motherboard

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      I recently had to replace the motherboard on my desktop computer.  Now when starting PS6 the program does not reconize the computer and wants me to deactivate an installation.  Obviously, I cannot deactivate the program on this computer because it no longer has the same motherboard.


      How do I activate the program on this computer?

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          Curt Y Level 7

          You may have changed enough to confuse it.  Might consider uninstalling, running Adobe Script Cleaner, then reinstall.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            It may be the same model motherboard. Motherboards may be like network adapters and have a unique serial number which get registered when you Activate. That may go in both the Photoshop Activation Credentials stored on you machine during activation and also into Adobe Activation database,  The Problem most likely the credentials on your disk is for your old motherboards serial number.So you activation is not valid you can not deactivate because of that and you can not activate because Adobe's database knows you have two active activation.  The only way to solve you problem us by calling Adobe Customer support, They can help you activate a Photoshop install on you machine. They have help me twice because If head crashes I could not deactivate.