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    div within a footer

    r_tist Level 1

      I have a footer:


      footer {

                color: #003f2d;



      I then have a div within this footer, a custom class containing one small img.


      .theImg {




      I would like for the image to be aligned with the footer's text, but positioned to the far right (which explains the float right). Right now, the typical scenario has occurred where it has placed the div below, even though they are within the same container so to speak. They are also housed within an overall container (you can call a wrapper).


      How can I edit so the image is aligned side-by-side with the footer line of text?




                      <p>Line of text is here.

                      <div class="theImg"><img src="img/tinypic.png" width="63" height="75"></div></p>