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    Editing a value from a SWF in Flash CC. Need Help.



      I can use a little help. I have a small .SWF that I use as a graphic design app. There is a slider that goes from  0-500. I want to be able to increase the maximum to say 1000.


      I have used Sothink SWF decompiler. I have found the one line that refers to the slider's variable.(it is AS3)


           this.pointSlider.setSliderParams(3, 500, 100);


      It is in Action directory MAIN. I can't seem to edit the number within SWF Decompiler, so I exported it as an FLA.


      What I've tried.


      1) in text editor I've opened MAIN and changed the number.


      How can I recompile this back to an SWF?


      Or is there a way within the original SWF to just change the number?


      I did DL the Adobe Flash CC trial. Opened the FLA, but nothing is really happening, just a white screen.


      Can you please suggest how I can do this? A different program or approach?


      Thanks in advance!