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    highlighting around touched elements edge animate iOS


      I am currently testing an edge animate html overlay on a DPS folio (on an iPad).  The animation includes a play button, and with an action of click the animation commences as expected. 

      The issue I have is that when I touch and hold down on any of the div elements of the animation on an ipad, a highlighted box appears around the element allowing me to copy and select the element.


      I want to be able to stop this highlighted box from appearing around all of the various div elements in the animation, including the play button.  In effect I want to disable selection of all elements.

      I only want the click action to be enabled on the play button.  So user can start the animation by touch and release of the play button.


      I have read that I need to use preventDefault.  But I am not clear on how to implement this into my edge animate composition.  Do I need to use prevent default for every div element, let's say 10 in total?