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    Just some questions


      Good day.


      I have Adobe Photoshop and i need a little help with it cause it does what it wants, nothing happens as i want, interface is as intuitive, as my mother is a president of America.


      I have drawn a framу that i want to be part visible and part transparent. It means upper part i want to be visible, in the center it begins to become slightly transparent and the lower part is completely invisible.


      I've found options of gradients, so i thought it will help me but wait - it is an adobe product, how could it help me if my mind still hasn't been screwed by this "awesome" photoshop ? And i was right - when i set both ends of gradient to be transparent (opacity to 0) my gradient became blue at all. Its awesome. Just fantastic. Cause in the gradients menu i see many different gradients but when i click at it  in the left upper corner i see the whole blue rectangle that means my gradient will be filled with only one color.
      What do you Adobe think when you claim such a high price for product that just does not show me gradient that i clicked ?

      Do you really think that it worth reading 2-3 tutorial books to just understand where the heck in this "very simple" interface are gradient options hidden ?


      So, how can i do frame that from center gradually becomes transparent ?


      Thanks a lot