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    Turn off "Verifying all signatures" when digitally signing a pdf form?


      Hey All!


      I have a pdf form (created with Acrobat X) with muliple digital signatures fields. Any time you sign a field, Adobe verifies all other signed signatures fields within the document.

      So the more signature fields allready been signed, the longer it takes to place a new digital signature due to the adobe verifying setting mentioned above.


      I have allready turned off "Verify signatures when the document is opened" in the security preferences, but I couldn't find a place to turn it off when signing a document.

      I am just thinking, whoever designed the Acrobat/Adobe program must have left an option to disable those security features...so I even looked in Adobe policy within windows

      registry, but I couldn't find anything either.


      It's very frustrating - at the end of the form it takes up to 20 minutes to place a signature.


      Any ideas and thoughts are more the welcome!!