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    Just a little gripe


      All too often I click the button to save project arrow by accident and worse is that I'll click "don't save" because in my mind I'm thinking "no I don't want to save yet" … it's just that split second error that costs me to lose a lot of work.  It seems a simple fix would be to have a cancel option along with save and don't save.

      My other gripe is that when PS Touch is open and I add more photos to my ipad photo library, PS Touch doesn't see them so I have to quit PS and lose all my settings so I can reopen and access my new photos.  Maybe that's not so easy to tackle but it sure would save me time.

      Otherwise I love PS Touch … I use it more in my daily work now then I use PS6 … at least for simple jobs :)

      I do hope that an Adobe person sees this and can offer a ray of hope for that "cancel" option in the save menu.





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          joerg eberhardt Employee Moderator

          Yes, we do consider a solution for the save issue. For the time being, tapping next to the Save dialog triggers a Cancel.

          For a Refresh of the New From > Local Photos please try tapping onto the title-bar. That should trigger a fresh loading of the assets.

          Thank you!

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