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    Long List behaving oddly

    lupuss Level 1

      I have a list variable called OutputListe which after entering so many lines, starts to not let me click behind the last item in order to enter more list items at the end (I worked for a couple of times around by making a new line and the deleting the paragraph). I can just click at some 40 characters before the end. On top of that, the program now detects an error (undefined variable) in the list. Is it not possible to write such long lists? I still want to expand this one to maybe 3 times its actual lenght, since it contains all the variables that need to be saved when a player interrupts a game.


        OutputListe=[gFilmwoher, gwoher, gTorA3635, gTorA2399, gBildBefragt, Baumbesetzung, gSteinA30, InvListe,\

        gTagebuchseite, gLMzerbrochen, gDockGesperrt, gEimerunten, gSchluesselimInventar, gSchluesselAufgehoben, gLeiterHaengt,\

        gWoIstCello, gFriedhofkugel, gSchlaegelAufgehoben, gSchlaegelimInventar, gKugelkastenC, gKugelkastenE,\

        gNotenhalsIstHorizontal, gTorD1718zu, gViolinschluesselLiegtInE08, gNoteIstRot, gZugbruecke, gSchlosstorIstOffen,\

        gPickelIstImSchrank, gViolinschluesselkastenIstVoll, gViolinschluesselkastenIstOffen, gSchalterE01O, gBlaueKugelImInventar,\

        gRoteKugelImInventar, gPauseIstGedrueckt, gSchlosstor3IstZu, gTor4inFistZu, gGlasInF17IstIntakt, gZustandTor5,\

        gTableauGeloest, gTor5IstOffen, gBachG35Haengt, gEisG68Intakt, gRaetselraum, gTorGHistZu, gAufzugspos, gPepi, gKutte,\

        gVorhangH18Ozu, gZettel, gCelloschrank, gGitterI07SistZu, gBlumentopf, gFeenhammer, gKerzenpos, gPosNachLiftfahrt,\

        gLukeI29zu, gTrompeteIstImRohr, gTorK01IstZu, gVorhaengschloesser, gK02SKastlIstZu, gK02NLeiterIstUnten, gK02NTuerKnoepfe,\