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    dataProvider in DataGrid not handling path well

    MonsonHaefel Level 1
      I have an example document structured as follows:
      <head><style type=text/css> url{visibility: hidden}</style></head>
      <span><a class="Customer" href=" http://localhost:8080/nfjs/customer?id=103" >Atelier graphique</a><br/></span>
      <span><a class="Customer" href=" http://localhost:8080/nfjs/customer?id=112" >Signal Gift Stores</a><br/></span>
      <span><a class="Customer" href=" http://localhost:8080/nfjs/customer?id=114" >Australian Collectors, Co.</a><br/></span>

      When I create a DataGrid and set the dataProvider={source.lastResult.html.body.span} it only works properly if I remove the <head> element .. it seems it cannot skip a sibling element when dereferencing an XML path.

      Any ideas?