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    RoboHelpX5 lag issue

      Hi there.
      I’ve just upgraded to RoboHelpX5. I have RoboHelp on my computer, and when I try to edit a Help project that exists on the network, I have a 2-3 second lag. I had this problem with the old version of RoboHelp, but it always got better after a few minutes.
      Thanks in advance.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          As you haven't been here before, you won't be aware the forums are littered with posts from people with various problems arising from running the project across a network. Adobe advise against it. If a lag is the only problem you are lucky.

          Move the project to your hard disk. If backing up is the argument for having the project on a network, zip up your project at the end of each day and put the zip on the network.