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    Combo boxes/drop downs used to populate


      I am trying to find out if it is possible to have 2 or 3 combo boxes (or drop downs) that feed off each other.  To get specific, I will have a drop down box that lists 2 different record retention schedules (Sch1 and Sch2 we'll call them), depending on which schedule is chosen, I then want a drop down box to give the item numbers for that particular schedule, keeping in mind that Sch1 and Sch2 may have some of the same item numbers (just different schedules).  Sch1, has almost 300 different items, while Sch2 has about 100 items. Then lastly depending on which item number is picked in the 2nd combo box, I want the record title to display automatically in the 3rd text box (I am thinking now that I am typing this).  I I don't want a list for the 3rd box, I want that to be filled in based off of the first 2 boxes.  Here is a example, any help would be greatly appreciated.  I do have all of this information in an excel spreadsheet and an Access database if it is possible to import the information.


      Schedule No               Item No          Record Title    

      Sch1                              1                    Absentee Notes

      Sch1                              2                    Accident Reports

      Sch1                              5                    Accrediation Records

      Sch2                              1                    Mail Undeliverable    

      Sch2                              2                    Adminsitrative Convenience

      Sch2                              3                    Adminsitrative Support


      Thanks for any help.