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    Problems displaying images stored in SQL Server as Datatype “image”

      I am trying to display an Image stored in SQL Server as datatype
      'image' and it only shows a portion of the image.
      It seems to be tied to the size (kb) of the image since the larger the
      image the less of it is shown before it cuts off(sometimes it cuts off
      mid line so it's about the file size and not fitting the image on the

      Here is the code I am using that deals with the image.

      public var theImage:ByteArray = new ByteArray;

      private function getScans_result(event:ResultEvent):void{
      var imageByteArray:ByteArray = event.result[0].Image;
      theImage = imageByteArray

      <mx:Image id="theIMG" width="160" height="220" source="{theImage}"/>

      Any Thoughts??