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    Adobe Flash Plugin for Android

    Audentes Juvat

      When will Adobe get back on the bandwagon? Android is the dominant OS for mobile devices with more than 81% of the smartphone market as of November 2013. Why did Adobe drop the Android browser plugins, even for Chrome? Why did they do the same thing to IOS? I understand that IOS has a much smaller market share than Android and if it was only IOS that was dropped I would understand. But to drop out of mobile devices running Android? That is a large market to annoy. Do they really think people will stop browsing the web on their phones and Android  tablets and that only Windows devices will be used? It is a confusing action to take.


      Adobe, what are you thinking?

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          Mike M Level 6

          Android dropped all support for Flash last year (June 2012). It WASN'T the other way around.

          And... Adobe DIDN'T drop Flash Player for Chrome. Like Microsoft has recently done with IE, Google undertook the task of embedding it themselves into their browser, and maintaining it separately from the ActiveX or standard plugins.

          Going back to 2006, when Apple released the first iPhone and iOS 1, Steve Jobs was insistent that it be made incompatible with Flash Player because (in his words) "playing Flash content is processor consumptive and kills batteries, and well as shortening battery life in mobile devices". Adobe never "dropped" Flash Player for iOS, because there NEVER WAS ONE. It would have been unbelievably stupid to spend money and time developing a plugin for an incomaptible format.

          Android came along a little while after iOS, but their reason for dropping Flash last year was the same.
          Adobe continued developing "security updates" for the Flash Player that worked with older versions of Android, but even that ended in September of this year. Adobe will not continue development of a product for an incompatible format.


          Android recommends either "Dolphin" or "Puffin" browser from the GooglePlay store (both are free). They use "server side" technology to play Flash content without taxing your tablet or phone's processor.