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    Accessing Collaboration Data


      Is there a way to access/download/save the Q&A data from a module  generated by the learners? This would be useful in evaluating the  effectiveness of a module/course to identify areas of difficulty and  needing content clarification. Manually copying the information doesn't  seem practical especially for a course with large enrolments.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          You can use the XML API's.


          Full documentation of them is available here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/adobeconnect.html

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            DougKnipe Level 1

            Unfortunately that linked page is unhelpful. All links refer to Connect.  Nothing refers to Presenter.  Interpreting the options  there requires, it appears, significant programming experience. Is there a particular file one should look for in the output? As an administrator I don't want to turn this into a major IT project, I simply want to access the data...

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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Ah, sorry, I guess I assumed that you were using Connect.


              Presenter reports its data to the server hosting it. It doesn't store responses and scoring locally. So you can configure it to report to a SCORM or AICC compliant server, and have the data that way.


              I see you are using the Collaboration function within Presenter 9. I believe this information is tracked using Adobe's service (http://als.adobe.com/collaboration/dashboard/ free?), but I haven't used the Collaboration function in Presenter 9 that much, so someone else may have more insight about getting the data pulled down.

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                DougKnipe Level 1

                We are using our own hosted Connect platform. But the interaction data appears to go to http://als.adobe.com as that is where you sign in to look at the Dashboard.  Quite confusing. Where does the questions and answers data actually get stored? On our Connect server or on the Adobe platform?

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                  flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                  If you are hosting on a Connect platform, you don't need to use the collaboration functionality. The data from questions built within the Quiz manager should go to your Connect server. I'm not 100% what happens to that data when the collaboration is turned on, as that may override the reporting and send it all to the als.adobe.com server. It may be best to reach out to Support directly for a clear answer (as they can work with the engineering team for Presenter) or see if one of the Adobe Support staff replies here. They are pretty good at finding time to give some input/insight.


                  My recommendation would be to disable the collaboration function and see if it reports to Connect as expected.


                  I believe the data gets stored locally on the users computer while they are interacting with Presenter, and then is transmitted to Connect or whatever reporting server is expecting the data once the user has completed the presentation. The Collaboration service may be a real-time transmission of data though, but again, I'm only guessing at functionality.

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                    DougKnipe Level 1

                    I will escalate this to the support team. I am aware of of the quiz interaction data goes to Connect but the new real-time Q&A function in presenter (new question mark in lower right of player when enabled) requires this function to be active and enabled. If have no idea why any of this data is going to an external source when it should all be part of our Connect platform.

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                      Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee

                      Hello DougKnipe & Jorma,


                      Let me try and answer some of your questions ..


                      As Jorma correctly said, analytics and collaboration data is tracked by als.adobe.com and all the information can be checked there.

                      Apart from that, even if you have enabled reporting to Connect and hosted the content on Connect, it continues to send the tracking data to Connect as well as als.adobe.com (we call it as ALS dasboard). Thus your Connect reporting is not affected at all.

                      ALS.adobe.com allows you to analyze learner's performance, compare each learner with class average and also help you to glance at the overall activity. The biggest strength of ALS dasboard is to identify which learners are falling behind the schedule and guide them by sending approriate mails, reminders. Analysis provided at ALS dashboard allows you to identify who is on track and which of the learners require intervention.

                      By the way, all this is possible even if you host the content on any other LMS server with any of the reporting standards enabled. You just need to enable analytics and collaboration too in that project.


                      Q&A data module is not available to be downloaded as of now. Author will have to open the content and go through it. Can you explain how would identify the effectiveness of the module based on the Q&A? This will give us some hints on how do you want the feature to work.




                      > als.adobe.com

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                        flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                        Thanks Mukul!

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                          Hi Mukul


                          Thanks for the explanation of the relationship between Connect and the ALS system. One question on the ALS. What security/privacy arrangements are in place for it. One of the significant reasons for owning a licensed copy of Connect is so that our data remains in-house and not with a third party. This is especially true when dealing with government agencies.


                          On the subject of the Dashboard, I appreciate that it tracks and awards points for participation but are these points assigned if you also have a Connect server? While this participation incentive can be helpful as an educator I would consider it a nice to have but not essential. In most cases we are dealing with adult learners using a self-paced elearning course. By the very definition they are motivated. Having this extra "carrot" is nice but not as helpful as the specifics of the participation Q&A data.


                          The Q&A data allows us to identify trends and weak spots in the course content. Frequently asked questions would indicate a lack of coverage on the topic asked about or perhaps poorly explained material. This kind of feedback helps to revise and improve the modules and curriculum which mere participation measurement does not. Having to manually extract this data, which might be considerable given high enrolment levels needs to be addressed.


                          Again thanks for your informative response.

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                            Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee

                            Hello Dougknipe,


                            Sorry for delayed response. I missed this thread earlier and reading it now.


                            Have you setup a Connect setup inhouse in your organization? If yes, then you are correct in saying that all the content remians with the organization only and nothing goes out. But as of now, if you wish to use ALS collaboration and analytics, tracking data will have to go out of your organization to an Adobe server (als.adobe.com). We do not have any solution to keep this data inhouse as of now. You can then view the analytics information on als.adobe.com



                            Points are awared to you even if you have hosted your content on a Connect server. You just need to use our Analytics&collaboration feature and publish the content. Host the content on Connect and let learners take the course. Still participation points will be awarded and all this information for every user can be viewed on als.adobe.com


                            Thank you for your detailed explanation on how you plan to make use of Collaboration discussion data. We will surely check if we can provide a way to make all the discussion data available to the author.


                            Let me know if you need any other information.

                            We are also willing to learn more from your experiences of using als.adobe.com, so please do keep sharing your valuable feedback.