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    Tagging a PDF in Acrobat Pro messes up word spacing


      We have an issue.


      1. A document in Ventura is published as a PDF.

      2. If you search on a particular phrase in the document, it finds ALL occurences of the phrase without issue

      3. As soon as you "Add tags" to the PDF two things happen:


           1. If you copy and paste a phrase directly from the PDF to a editor, all of the words run together with no spaces separating the words

           2. If you try the search again, it finds ONLY the phrases that still maintain a proper space between words



      NOTE: It isn't happening with ALL text...and when you view the text in Reader or Acrobat, the space APPEARS to be there but if you select the phrase, the cursor jumps over the space as if it's not there as a real "space".