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    Controlling Mask/Alpha Amount

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      I need to display parts of a lower layer using either alpha or mask, but I can't find a way to limit the amount of the lower layer that displays thru. I only need for the areas in the lower layer to partially show thru the upper layer. I can see how to fade the upper layer so that the bottom layer shows thru, but I only need portions of the bottom lower to partially show thru. Let me explain how I would do the iin Photoshop:


      1. I would setup my top/bottom layers.
      2. I would add a mask to the top layer.
      3. I would load the alpha channel of the image that resides on the bottom layer.
      4. I would select a brush and set the color to a light gray, then paint on the top layer's mask to partially expose the portions of the bottom layer.


      How can I do thin in AE?