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    Form Central notification




      I received a form central notification by email today and there is nothing attached to it.  I had some complains from my clients recently that the system is not performing well.  Some said that they sent some orders and we never processed them.


      The problem I have with today is that I can't see which client tried to submit the order.  Is there a way I can trace that client in the system/dashboard? (I normally get all the information of the order and client on this type of email).

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          If you can share your form with me at jcorey@adobe.com I can take a look, these are instructions for sharing, please reference this forum post in your invite:



          Are you certain that the form filler filled out more information that the one field shown?  If "Include empty fields" is not checked then only fields that were filled in woudl be shown in the Notifications email.


          The submission matching the notification that you show the screen shot of would be in the View Response table to see if there is more information there, there is no "tracking back to user", the information available is in the View Responses tab.


          Regarding submissions you believe you did not recieve, are the form fillers certain they got a Form submission complete confirmation?  Are Email Reciepts enabled and did they recieve a reciept?  If you can tell us the date/time the form was submitted for which you don't see responses in the response table that will help in looking into it. 


          This FAQ can be useful for when you believe you are missing responses:






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